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The Commish

The Commish Dates : 1991 - 1996
92 episodes of 44 min
First broadcasting : 26 Juin 1993
Creator(s) : Stephen J Cannell et Stephen Kronish
Producer(s) : Stephen J Cannell, Stephen Kronish et David Levinson
Music : Walter Murphy et Mike Post
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This series features the professional and family lives of the Down's Day Tony Scali, police commissioner in Eastbridge, in the northern suburbs of New York.

The AS of Crime (The Combe in English) is a former American television series which was broadcast between 1991 and 1996 on the ABC channel. The series featured the adventures of Tony Scali, a police commissioner of the fictitious city of Eastbridge in New York State. Tony Scali was an intelligent and perceptive cop who resolved complex crimes with the help of his team. The series was rather comical, with moments of suspense and action.

Actor Michael Chiklis played the main role of Tony Scali. He was supported by an excellent cast, notably Theresa Saldana in the role of his wife Rachel Scali and Julianne Christie in that of his daughter Caroline. The series was created by Stephen J. Cannell and broadcast for five seasons before being canceled in 1996.

Despite its cancellation, the ace of crime was an audience success for ABC and received several awards, including an Emmy for the best television series music in 1992. The series was also praised for its realistic and human portrait Cops, which made it possible to show their professional and personal life. In summary, the ace of crime was an entertaining and intelligent series that knew how to captivate its audience for five seasons.

The Actors

Michael Chiklis - Commissaire Tony Scali

Michael Chiklis

(Commissaire Tony Scali)

Theresa Saldana - Rachel Scali

Theresa Saldana

(Rachel Scali)


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The character of Tony Scali is inspired by a certain Tony Schembry, police commissioner in the Rye district in New York, who was also technical advisor to the series.

A few years later, we will find Michael Chiklis performing a much less debonary policeman in the series The Shield.


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