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The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls Dates : 1985 - 1992
180 episodes of 22 min
First broadcasting : 1992
Creator(s) : Susan Harris, Kathy Speer, Terry Grossman et Marc Sotkin
Producer(s) : Touchstone Television
Music : "Thank You For Being A Friend" composée par Andrew Gold
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French Traduire


Once upon a time, there were three superb women, close to retirement, living under the same roof, in Miami, Florida.

There is Rose Nylund, the ingenuous, naive and nostalgic for his native village, with the Scandinavian roots: St Olaf, in Minnesotta. Blanche Devereaux, the southern aristocrat, nymphomaniac, the greatest pleasure of which is to conquer the maximum of men as possible and to give an account to his three best friends. Finally, Dorothy Zbornak, barely divorced Stan, called her qualified as "rebuilding the human race", brings in history the astonishment at all everyone in the face of funny situations, a little too normal for his two "crazy" as Flatmates.

These three ladies would be nothing without the petulant Sophia Petrillo, mother of Dorothée, who carries in her the passion of her Sicilian origins and who has no tongue in her pocket ... Sophia comes, from the start of the series, Living with Rose, Blanche and Dorothy, following the fire of the retirement home Shady Pines, where she had been placed by her daughter.

The crisp (The Golden Girls in English) was an American television series broadcast for the first time in 1985. It featured four elderly women living together in a house in Florida: Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia. Each of them had a unique character and brought something different to the series, thus creating an irresistible comic alchemy.

The crisp was a hilarious and touching series which approached important subjects such as friendship, love, old age and family. The main characters were interpreted by talented actresses, including Betty White (Rose), Bea Arthur (Dorothy), rue McClanan (Blanche) and Estelle Getty (Sophia). The series was a huge success and has won numerous awards, especially for the best comedy.

Despite the fact that the main characters are elderly women, the series has never been condescending or stigmatizing towards them. On the contrary, it celebrated their vitality and independence while showing the challenges they faced as the elderly. The crisp was also rented for the diversity of his secondary characters, who included people of different ages, ethnic groups and sexual orientations.

Over the years, the crisp has become a cultural phenomenon, with fans around the world that have been inspired by the adventures of these four friends. The series was broadcast for seven seasons, and ended in 1992. Although the main actresses were all died at present, the series continues to be disseminated in many countries, and remains a popular classic for generations of viewers.

The Actors

Estelle Getty - Sophia Petrillo

Estelle Getty

(Sophia Petrillo)

Rue McClanahan - Blanche Devereaux

Rue McClanahan

(Blanche Devereaux)

Beatrice Arthur - Dorothy Zbornak

Beatrice Arthur

(Dorothy Zbornak)


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Marc Cherry joined the team of producers and screenwriters in 1990. He will become, ten years later, the creator of the series "Desperate Housewives".


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