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The Nanny

The Nanny Dates : 1993 - 1999
146 episodes of 22 min
First broadcasting : 16 janvier 1995
Creator(s) : Fran Drescher, Peter Marc Jacobson
Producer(s) : Fran Drescher, Jeffrey B. Hodes
Music : "The Nanny", par Ann Hampton Callaway
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French Traduire


The day Fran Fine arrives at Maxwell Sheffield, it is a real whirlwind that takes all the monotony of the house. Former representative in cosmetics, she will now take care of Mr. Sheffield's children and become a "hellish nanny"!

A nanny of hell (original title: The Nanny) was an American television series broadcast between 1993 and 1999. The series featured Fran Fine, a young woman from New York who becomes the nanny of the children of a rich man of Business, Maxwell Sheffield. Although the series was mainly focused on relations between Fran and the children Sheffield, it also included elements of romantic comedy, because Fran and Maxwell gradually fell in love with each other.

The Actors

Fran Drescher - Fran Fine

Fran Drescher

(Fran Fine)

Charles Shaughnessy - Maxwell Sheffield

Charles Shaughnessy

(Maxwell Sheffield)

Lauren Lane - Chastity Claire

Lauren Lane

(Chastity Claire "C.C." Babcock)

Nicholle Tom - Margaret

Nicholle Tom

(Margaret "Maggie" Sheffield)

Daniel Davis - Niles

Daniel Davis


Benjamin Salisbury - Brighton Sheffield

Benjamin Salisbury

(Brighton Sheffield)

Madeline Zima - Grace Sheffield

Madeline Zima

(Grace Sheffield)


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It is in a flight to Paris that Fran Drescher meets by chance, Jeff Sagansky, the boss of the time of CBS.

She then convinced him to listen to her, she and her husband (Peter Marc Jacobson), about an idea of ​​a new series telling the life of a young woman from Queens becoming nanny for a rich and widowed producer of Broadway.

Impressed by its perseverance, its intelligence and its charm, Sagansky gives the green light for the shooting of the pilot of a nanny of hell less than a year later.


Filming locations:

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