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The Powers Of Matthew Star

The Powers Of Matthew Star Dates : 1982 - 1983
22 episodes of 45 min
First broadcasting : 06 Janvier 1985
Creator(s) : Steven E DeSouza
Producer(s) : Bruce Landsbury
Music : Michael Rubin et Denny Jaeger
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French Traduire


Matthew Star (Peter Barton), prince of the quadris planet, took refuge on earth after a coup. He therefore pretended to be a high school student, guided by his mentor Walt (Louis Gossett Jr.) who plays the role of the science teacher and coach of the football team. The American government, aware of their origin, sometimes uses them as an agents.

Their enemies are trying to tackle them in several forms (Hamais, robots ...).

Among the characters are also Pam (Amy Steel), Matthew's girlfriend, and Bob (Chip Frye), her best friend.

Matthew Star is an American television series which was broadcast for the first time in 1982 and which lasted two seasons. The series was focused on the character of Matthew Star, a teenager with extraterrestrial powers. Of Prince Origin of the Quadris planet, Matthew is sent to Earth as a secret agent to protect the earth from extraterrestrial invaders.

The series featured Peter Barton in the role of Matthew Star, as well as Lou Gossett Jr. as his mentor and protector, Walter Emerson. The two characters formed a team to fight against extraterrestrial enemies while trying to hide Matthew's powers from other humans.

Despite a promising departure, the series was canceled after two seasons due to low audiences. However, she remained popular with a faithful audience and is considered a classic of television series in the 1980s.

In addition to the main plot, the series also tackled themes such as friendship, love and difference. The characters of Matthew and Walter were greeted for their complex dynamics and for the way they have evolved over the episodes.

In general, Matthew Star is considered an original and entertaining series that has combined science fiction elements with deeper and unique themes. Although she did not last long, she stayed in the minds of fans as one of the most interesting and original series of this period in television history.

The Actors

Louis Gossett Jr - Walt Shephard

Louis Gossett Jr

(Walt Shephard)

Peter Barton - Matthew Star

Peter Barton

(Matthew Star)


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The series was planned to be broadcast in 81 but was delayed because the main actor was seriously burned during the shooting of a scene.

The original title was "The Powers of Daniel Star"


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