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The Quest

The Quest Dates : 1976 - 1976
16 episodes of 52 min
First broadcasting : 16 Septembre 1977
Creator(s) : Tracy Keenan Wynn
Producer(s) : David Gerber
Music : Richard Shores
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French Traduire


Two brothers, traveling the American West in search of their sister, removed very young by cheyennes.

On the Cheyennes track (The Quest) is an American television series which was broadcast for the first time in 1976. The series was a production of Quinn Martin Productions and was broadcast on ABC. She featured Kurt Russell and Tim Matheson in the main roles.

The show took place in the 19th century Far West and followed the adventures of twin brothers, the Pacific and sensitive lawyer Clay and the cunning and impetuous Boone, who left in search of a hidden treasure. On their way, they faced many dangers, including hostile Indian tribes, outlaws, and corrupt police.

The series was created by Juanita Bartlett and produced by David Dortort, who was also known to have produced the TV series Cult Bonanza. The series lasted a total of 14 episodes and was not renewed for a second season.

Despite his short term, on the Cheyennes track was praised for his performances as actors and his careful realization. Kurt Russell was particularly noticed for his interpretation of Clay, who was considered one of his first major roles on television. The series was also appreciated for its exciting intrigue and its realistic presentation of the American Far West.

Although on the Cheyennes track was not a resounding commercial success, she left a lasting imprint in the history of American television and remains considered a cult series by many fans.

The Actors

Kurt Russell - Morgan Beaudine

Kurt Russell

(Morgan Beaudine)

Tim Matheson - Quentin Beaudine

Tim Matheson

(Quentin Beaudine)


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In France, 15 out of 16 episodes were broadcast.


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