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The Wizard

The Wizard Dates : 1986 - 1987
19 episodes of 52 min
First broadcasting : 24 Décembre 1988
Creator(s) : Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz, Paul Radin
Producer(s) : Paul B. Radin
Music :
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Simon McKay nicknamed "the magician" is a small person and a brilliant inventor who worked for the American government. Alas, as usual, the soldiers transformed his pacifist inventions into formidable arms. When Simon noticed, he fled to Tibet. But we do not escape as easily at the secret services, even when we are small. Nevertheless, nothing and no one could decide to continue his work ...

To protect him from a large number of foreign governments or terrorist groups who would like to take advantage of his genius, Alex Jagger, a special services agent, was assigned to him. First reluctant, Alex was then surprised by the kindness and deep humanity of this genius who now prefers to manufacture in his underground laboratory of mind -blowing toys for children in his neighborhood.

Simon has made a lot of friends and when they have problems, Alex and do their best to help them: they often find themselves embedded in perilous situations but fortunately Simon carries his travel bag in which he puts everywhere His latest finds that save them the bet.

Like most heroes, Simon has his sworn enemy, a completely irradiated crazy scientist who can no longer support the sun's rays and who wishes to take revenge on Simon.

At the end of each adventure, Tillie the old maid does not fail to place a remark imprint of popular common sense or to prepare a good cake to recover from their emotions ...

The magician (The Wizard) is an American television series which was broadcast for the first time in 1986. The series follows the adventures of one of the most famous characters in the universe of fiction of Land of Oz, the magician D 'Oz himself. The main character is interpreted by actor Richard Dean Anderson, which fans of science fiction know above all for his role of MacGyver in the eponymous series.

In the magician, the magician of Oz, also known as Timm, is a strange and enigmatic character. He travels through the different worlds of the universe of Land of Oz using a small magic book which he always holds on him. Timm is accompanied by two companions, a boy named Harry and a girl called Samantha. Together, they will have to face many dangers and solve puzzles to save the world of Land of Oz from the forces of evil.

The series was created by Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz and Gregory J. Bonann, who are also the executive producers of the series. The magician was broadcast for two seasons, with a total of 22 episodes. The series was very popular when it was released, thanks to its impressive special effects for the time and its solid cast. Although the series has been finished for several years, it remains a classic of science fiction and continues to be appreciated by fans of the genre.

The Actors

Douglas Barr - Alex Jagger

Douglas Barr

(Alex Jagger)

David Rappaport - Simon McKay

David Rappaport

(Simon McKay)

Fran Ryan - Tillie Russell

Fran Ryan

(Tillie Russell)


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The robot "Henri VIII" which appears in the series, is that of the film "Short circuit". In the film, the robot is called Johnny 5.

In 1973, there was already a series called "the magician" with Bill Bixby in the main role.


Filming locations:

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