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Whiz Kids

Whiz Kids Dates : 1983 - 1984
18 episodes of 47 min
First broadcasting : 01 Avril 1984
Creator(s) : Philip DeGuere et Bob Shayne
Producer(s) : Philip DeGuere, Joe Gannon, Bob Shayne et John G Stephens
Music : Paul Chihara et J A C Redford
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French Traduire


Richie Adler is a little computer engineering. His curiosity and his taste for mysteries will train him, for him and his friends, on more or less perilous surveys.

Little geniuses (Whiz Kids in English) is a former American television series which was broadcast for the first time in 1983. The series features a group of teenagers gifted for science and technology, who are hired by a brilliant Inventor to work on top-secret research projects.

The series follows the adventures of these young geniuses while they work together to resolve complex puzzles and face dangerous enemies that seek to seize their inventions. Each of the main characters has a unique area of ​​competence, such as robotics, IT or electrical engineering, and they must use their talents to help their team overcome the challenges they meet.

The little geniuses was acclaimed by criticism for its innovative presentation of science and technology, as well as for its entertaining way of staging intelligent and complex adolescent characters. The series lasted three seasons and was broadcast in many countries around the world. She was also adapted to a film for television in 1986.

Despite its success, the little geniuses was not renewed for a fourth season, and the series has become a classic cult of the 1980s. It remains a reference for fans of scientific and technological adventures, and continues to inspire Young people to explore their interests for science and technology.

The Actors

Andrea Elson - Alice Tyler

Andrea Elson

(Alice Tyler)

Matthew Laborteaux - Richie Adler

Matthew Laborteaux

(Richie Adler)


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