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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Dates : 1976 - 1979
62 episodes of 48 min
First broadcasting : 9 Janvier 1977
Creator(s) : William M. Marston
Producer(s) : Wilfred Lloyd Baumes, Charles B. Fitzsimons, Mark Rodgers
Music : Charles Fox et Norman Gimble (générique), Johnny Harris (1978-1979), Artie Kane (1976-1978), Robert Prince (1978-1979).
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French Traduire


During the Second World War, following a treachery, the plane led by Major Steve Trevor crashed into the Bermuda triangle, near the paradise island. A secret island that gives strange powers (immortality, strength) to women who have lived it from all eternity, Amazons. He is rescued by Princess Diana, the daughter of the Queen.

As a man cannot stay on this island, the Amazons treat him, but plan to bring him back, as long as he is unconscious, in his country. However, they must designate one of their own for this mission.

Although he was forbidden to participate in the sporting selection events, Diana is secretly involved, and wins. The queen can no longer back down, and entrusts her with the costume she made specially, equipped with a belt which allows to keep the powers of Amazons outside the island, a magic lasso (which forces to say the truth), of a "boomerang" tiara, and bulletproof bracelets.

She leaves in "the invisible plane", and arrives in the middle of a world in the middle of war. She begins by making a little money in a music hall issue, then after unmasking some spies and saved the USA (by the way), she decides to stay a hand, and between incognito at the service of the Major Trevor , under the name of Diana Prince.

The American television series Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman in English) is a series of superheroes that follows the adventures of Diana Prince, an Amazon warrior who fights for justice and peace. The series was broadcast for the first time in 1975 and lasted three seasons.

In the series, Diana Prince is an Amazon warrior who grew up on the paradise island of TheMyscira. It is trained in martial arts and has supernatural powers, such as superhuman force, exceptional speed and agility. She also carries the lasso of truth, a magic lasso who can force people to tell the truth.

One day, Diana meets Steve Trevor, an American pilot who crashed on the island. She immediately falls in love with him and decides to leave TheMyscira to help him return to her world. Once arrived at Washington D.C., she takes the identity of Diana Prince and pretends to be a simple office employee.

In secret, she uses her powers to fight crime and the forces of evil. She is often accompanied by Steve and her childhood friend Etta Candy, who helps her in her missions. Diana faces many enemies, such as the criminal genius Dr Psycho and the enemy warrior of Themyscira, Baroness Paula von Gunther.

Throughout the series, Diana also has to face personal problems, such as her relationship with Steve and her feeling of solitude as an amazone far from her home. She must also fight against the prejudices and the discrimination she meets as a woman in a world dominated by men.

The series was acclaimed for her feminist approach and for the way she showed a strong and independent woman as the main hero. She was also praised for her use of colorful costumes and spectacular fights, which have inspired many other superheroes to come.

The Actors

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman (Diana Prince)

Lynda Carter

(Wonder Woman (Diana Prince))


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Produced from 1976 to 1979 (and broadcast in France from 1977 on antenna 2 on Sunday afternoon), this rather parodic tone series is adapted from a comic strip created for patriotic and anti-Nazi purposes by Charles Moulton in the 1940s. After fighting the Nazis for a season on ABC, Wonder Woman will fight on CBS other bad guys (and various creatures) in "The new adventures of Wonder Woman", taking place 30 years later (Steve Trevor, still played by the same actor, is then the son of the original Steve Trevor).

There are 3 different generics: two in cartoon, with a fairly parodic tone, and a last more classic, with a current and leaping Wonder Woman.

Lynda Carter, ex Miss USA, singer-songwriter and actress, had to put herself in the trampoline for the occasion, because many scenes demanded it. She had a "mysticism" after the series, and militated against the "erotic" exploitation of the image of the woman, refusing herself to show herself in the future in light outfit. The size of the main actors was a constraint for the realization of the series, because Lynda Carter and Lyle Waggoner are both very large.

The only bad characters who appear both in comics and in the TV series are "Fausta Grabels", played by actress Lynda Day George, and the "Baroness Paula Von Gunther" played by actress Christine Belford.

An episode entitled "The Velvet Touch", which spoke of toxic makeup, was abandoned, because Lynda Carter was the muse of the brand "Maybelline".

The tensions between Lynda Carter and Lyle Waggoner (Major Steve Trevor) had become so bad that the scenes where the two actors had to appear together became less and less frequent, as the filming progresses. In recent interviews, Lynda Carter denied this information.

In the 2nd episode of the 2nd season, "Anschluss 77", the script mentioned that Wonder Woman was to climb on a bar in order to cling to a helicopter, and take altitude, up to 15 meters high. Lynda Carter's lining turned the scene, but the camera was so close that we saw very well that it was not Lynda. Production really didn't know how to do it, but Lynda felt capable of shooting the scene itself. She therefore turned the scene, without the knowledge of the producers, which made them furious, because she turned it without any protection, which would have allowed her to avoid a fall, in case she could not have retained her weight time hung on the helicopter, 15 meters high. But in the end, everything went well.

When the son of Lynda's lining, Jeannie Epper, told her classmates that her mother was shooting in the Wonder Woman series, they didn't believe it, even after seeing a photo of her mother in costume. When Lynda Carter learned this anecdote, she decided to invite the whole class on the set, to see Jeannie in action.

Couturier Donfeld created a red, white, and blue bikini for Lynda Carter, when she had to play Wonder Woman in the water. But in the end, the bikini did not hold when it turned the scenes in the water, and the producers therefore opted for a complete costume, in a room.

In the episode "Stolen Faces", Wonder Woman says only one sentence: "Hands up!".

The first season takes place during the Second World War. When the series goes from the ABC channel to CBS the following year, the concept of the series was completely reworked, with Wonder Woman returning to civilization, at the end of the 1970s, and teaming up with the son of "Steve Trevor" , character of the first season (of course, played by the same actor). Lynda's costume then undergoes some modifications during this transition.

In the episode "Amazon Hot Wax", Lynda Carter highlights her singer's talents, interpreting some songs, including an extract from her first solo album "Portrait".

The series is known for having seen actors returning regularly, but in different roles, such as Henry Gibson, in the pilot episode and the episode "Screaming Javelins"; Ted Shackelford in the episode "Time Bomb" and "Knockout"; Bob Seagren in the episodes "Stolen Faces" and "The Man Who Could Not Die"; And Rick Springfield in "Screaming Javelins" and "Amazon Hot Wax".

The Warner Bros wanted to draw several series derived from Wonder Woman, "spin-off". They proposed to Debra Winger a series entitled "Wonder Girl", but she refused because she preferred to devote herself to more serious roles. An identical series was proposed to Julie Anne Haddock, for her role as daughter with superpowers in the episode "The Girl from Islandia". Actress Sheryl Lee Ralph was also offered a super heroine role, as well as actor Bob Seagren for her role in the episode "The Man Who Could Not Die". Finally, none of the proposed series was produced.

Although actress Debra Winger earns a lot of money by playing Wonder Woman's little sister, she spent a lot in order to try to free herself from her contract with Warner Bros, to try to resume her Wonder Girl character.

When the legend of football, Bubba Smith, learned that he had to be "projected" by Wonder Woman in the episode "Light Fingred Lady", he says: "No woman in the world will be able to project me !!". Lynda Carter offered him a market: if she was able to project him, he undertook to continue shooting. He accepted and was forced to finish the shooting, because Lynda Carter was able to drop him, from the first try. What Bubba did not know is that Carter and Cameraman secretly filmed this "sequence", which was ultimately integrated into the episode.

The character of Wonder Girl, played by Debra Winger during the first season, appeared for the first time in comics in 1965, and is relatively different from the television version. Today, this character is called "Troia". A new Wonder Girl was introduced in the mid -90s.

The actor Lyle Waggoner was mayor of the city of Encino in California, and exercised despite the shooting of the series.

The attraction "big eight" seen in the episode "The Phantom of the Rollercoaster" is actually called "The Revolution", and was opened in 1976 at the amusement park "California 6 Flags Amusement Park Magic Mountain". Coincidentally, this park is the property of the Warner Bros, producer of the TV series. In the "comic" part of the park, named "Gotham" (according to Batman), we can still find rare "Wonder Woman" objects, very difficult to find in the usual shops.

Lynda Carter plays her own role in the film "Fantastic School" (Sky High) in 2003. It would even seem that she had to wear the gold bracelets of Wonder Woman. Unfortunately the Warner Brosses opposed the accessories to appear in a film produced by Disney


Filming locations:

  • Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Los Angeles, California, USA

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