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Jamie Luner

Cindy Lubbock in Just the ten of us

Photos Jamie Luner Birth name: Jamie Luner
Birth date: 1971/05/12 (52 years old)
Birth place : Palo Alto Californie
Height: 1.75 m

French Traduire

Biography for Jamie Luner

Born in 1971, it was in 1988 that Jamie began her career in the sitcom a roof for 10. But this experience did not fully convince her at a time when she wants to make cooking her job. She then made some appearances in TV movies, with a rather lucrative purpose, and it was not until 1996 to see her in the Savannah series. Following that, she joined the Melrose Place team then that of Profiler (among others). These two roles will earn him participating in many fictions.

It is difficult to say with certainty who is Jamie Luner without access to reliable information. Jamie Luner is perhaps an actress known for her roles in films, television series or theatrical productions. She may have won prizes for her work in the entertainment industry and is perhaps recognized as one of the best actresses of her generation. However, without access to reliable information, it is impossible to provide precise details on your career or personal life.


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Title Role
Stranger in My Bed (2005) (TV) Sara Hansen
Blind Injustice (2005) (TV) Diana Scott
The Suspect (2005) Beth James
Threshold (2003) (TV) Dr. Savannah Bailey
Warrior (2002) Eldoran's Girl Friend
Sacrifice (2000/I) (TV) Naomi Cohen
Profiler (1996) TV Series Rachel Burke (1999-2000)
Friends & Lovers (1999) Model
Melrose Place (1992) TV Series Lexi Sterling (1997-1999)
Savannah (1996) TV Series Peyton Richards Massick
Confessions of a Sorority Girl (1994) (TV) Sabrina Masterson
Moment of Truth: Cradle of Conspiracy (1994) (TV) Donna
The St. Tammany Miracle (1994) Lootie
Tryst (1994) Mindy
Moment of Truth: Why My Daughter? (1993) (TV) Diana Moffitt


Attended culinary school and was a chef in a French restaurant after "Just the Ten of Us" (1988) was cancelled.

Auditioned for the role of Lane on "Savannah" (1996) before getting the role of Peyton.

Made her first commercial (tissues commercial) at the age of 4. Suzanne Somers played her mom.

On the set of "Melrose Place" (1992) people used to call her "Turbo" because of her "high-octane energy" at work. She drank 10 cups of coffee a day.

Appeared in underwear along with Yasmine Bleeth, Alyssa Milano, Melissa Joan Hart, Garcelle Beauvais, Carmen Electra, Peta Wilson, and Jeri Ryan on the cover of, and inside the October 1997 issue of "Details" magazine.

Attended Beverly Hills High School.

Admits that she received a lot of funny letters while working on "Profiler" (1996) asking to use her "powers" to help fans with many different problems. Some people really believed that she is psychic.

Went to the same High School as Angelina Jolie, Michael Klesic, Nicolas Cage, Corbin Bernsen, Lenny Kravitz, David Schwimmer, Jonathan Silverman, and Richard Dreyfuss.


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