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Just the ten of us

Just the ten of us Dates : 1988 - 1990
47 episodes of 25 min
First broadcasting : 18 Mai 1990
Creator(s) : Dan Guntzelman, Mike Sullivan et Steve Marshall
Producer(s) : Dan Guntzelman, Mike Sullivan et Steve Marshall
Music : BJ Thomas et Jennifer Warmes
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French Traduire


Coach Graham Lubbock, introduced on "Growing Pains," decides to move his large family out to California when his wife becomes pregnant with their eighth child. The Coach takes a job at the Catholic school where his five daughters and one son are enrolled. The oldest daughter, Marie, wants to become a nun; Wendy and Cindy are the exact opposite, and enjoy much attention from the boys at school; Connie is an intellectual idealist; J.R. is the lone boy (aside from one of the babies) in the group of girls; he and Sherry are the most mischievous of the group. Eventually, the four oldest girls form a singing group, with Wendy and Cindy's personalities often showing in their performances, even through Connie and Marie.

The Actors

Dennis Haysbert - Coach Duane Johnson

Dennis Haysbert

(Coach Duane Johnson)

Heather Langenkamp - Marie Lubbock

Heather Langenkamp

(Marie Lubbock)

Bill Kirchenbauer - Coach Graham Lubbock

Bill Kirchenbauer

(Coach Graham Lubbock)

Jamie Luner - Cindy Lubbock

Jamie Luner

(Cindy Lubbock)


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Matt Shakman, who played horror buff J.R., was constantly wearing Nightmare on Elm Street clothing and referencing the films. Heather Langenkamp, JoAnn Willette and Brooke Theiss, who played his sisters, appeared in Elm Street films. Theiss did hers between seasons of "Just the Ten of Us."

In one episode, Heather Langenkamp and Deborah Harmon are sitting in a diner and one of the patrons says, "Hit me with another cup of joe, Mabel. I'm heading all the way to Nickel Mountain tonight." Nickel Mountain was the name of Heather Langenkamp's first movie.

Spin-off of "Growing Pains".


Filming locations:

Columbia/Warner Bros. Ranch, Burbank, California, USA

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