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Just the ten of us

Just the ten of us Dates : 1988 - 1990
47 episodes of 25 min
First broadcasting : 18 Mai 1990
Creator(s) : Dan Guntzelman, Mike Sullivan et Steve Marshall
Producer(s) : Dan Guntzelman, Mike Sullivan et Steve Marshall
Music : BJ Thomas et Jennifer Warmes
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Graham Lubbock, a plump and characteristic sports coach in a high school, one day loses his job. To bring his whole family to life, he finds a work as a physical education teacher in a school at the other end of the country, in the student city of Eureka, California.

It is for Graham the opportunity to allow its numerous offspring to grow in a calm and intellectually stimulating place. And above all, to shelter her daughters from the various dangers of major cities. Indeed, out of his 8 children, only two are boys: J.R., a young boy Aui likes to terrorize his brothers, and Harvey, who is still only a little bit of cabbage. On the side of the female gender, the cohort is made up of Melissa, also still in swarming, sherrie, a caustic pre-adolescent, Marie, the wise and attractive elder, Cindy, the tomboy, Wendy the incandescent, the connie , the sweet intellectual. All this small troop being finally in an environment that Graham can control, especially in terms of frequentations.

Except that everything is not as pink as it seems. First, the official accommodation falls in ruins ... But above all, the St Augustine Academy ... is reserved for male students !!! We then guess what torments await this poor Graham ...

A roof for ten (also known as Just The Ten of Us) was an American television series broadcast between 1988 and 1990 on the ABC television channel. The series featured a family of 10 people - a father, a mother and their 8 children - who leave the city to settle in a small coastal village in California.

The father, Coach Graham Lubbock, is a former basketball coach who decided to retire to raise his family away from the city. His wife, Marie, is a dedicated housewife who takes care of the house and her children. The couple has 8 children - 6 girls and 2 boys - who all have different personalities and interests.

The series follows the adventures of the Lubbock family as they adapt to their new environment and learn to work together to overcome the challenges of daily life. Children must adapt to their new school, make friends and learn to live in harmony in a small town. Parents must also learn to navigate parenting waters and manage family conflicts.

A roof for ten was greeted by criticism for his humor, his sensitivity and his representation of family life. The series was nominated for several prizes, including a Primetime Emmy Award for the exceptional performance of the actors in a comic series. Although the series was not a resounding commercial success, it won a faithful audience and has become a cult for many fans.

The Actors

Dennis Haysbert - Coach Duane Johnson

Dennis Haysbert

(Coach Duane Johnson)

Heather Langenkamp - Marie Lubbock

Heather Langenkamp

(Marie Lubbock)

Bill Kirchenbauer - Coach Graham Lubbock

Bill Kirchenbauer

(Coach Graham Lubbock)

Jamie Luner - Cindy Lubbock

Jamie Luner

(Cindy Lubbock)


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This spin-off of the series what's new, doctor? allowed Jamie Luner (Melrose Place or Profiler) to make his debut in a television series


Filming locations:

Columbia/Warner Bros. Ranch, Burbank, California, USA

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