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John Diehl

Détective Larry Zito in Miami Vice

Photos John Diehl Birth name: John Diehl
Birth date: 1950/05/01 (72 years old)
Birth place : Cincinnati

French Traduire

Biography for John Diehl

Talented and dependable character actor whose career has spanned over 25 years. Particularly called upon to play various delinquents, wackos and psychos in his earlier years, he has matured into a fine screen character actor. His career began in the early 80s with a number of bit parts in movies such as Escape from New York (1981) with Kurt Russell and Stripes (1981) with Bill Murray amongst others before landing a co-starring role in the pilot for Miami Vice 1984 playing Hawiian shirt clad Detective Larry Zito. He continued his role in "Miami Vice" (1984) for three series before quitting to pursue other roles. He continued his film career and has since appeared in over 70 movies and has made over 40 guest appearances on TV. Notable film credits include _Motorama_ (1991) , _Mo' Money_ (1991 , Falling Down (1993), two John Grisham film adaptations The Client (1994) and A Time to Kill (1996), _Stargate_ (1994) , Nixon (1995) and more recently _Pearl Harbor_ (2001) and a small role as dinosaur chow in _Jurassic Park III_ (2001) .

He is still working in movies and lives in Ojai, California with his singer wife Julie Christensen and son Jackson, b. 1993.


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Title Role
The Far Side of Jericho (2006) (completed) Cash Thornton
Point Pleasant David Burke (7 episodes, 2005-2006)
The House Is Burning (2006) Mr. Garson
Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise (2006) (TV) Jerry Snyder
Hidden Places (2006) (TV) Frank
Running Out of Time in Hollywood (2006)
Down in the Valley (2005) Steve
The Shield Assistant Chief Ben Gilroy (9 episodes, 2002-2005)
Land of Plenty (2004) Paul
I Pass for Human (2004) Ex-husband
Karen Sisco Junior McLeod (1 episode, 2003) - Nostalgia (2003) TV Episode
Without a Trace Doyle (1 episode, 2003)
Dragnet Dr. Rupert Miles (1 episode, 2003)
Bookies (2003) Vincent
Just Another Story (2003) Al
The West Wing Claypool (2 episodes, 2000-2002)
The Guardian Fortunato (1 episode, 2002) - Sacrifice (2002) TV Episode
NYPD Blue Joe Brady (1 episode, 2002) - Gypsy Woe's Me (2002) TV Episode
Dead Last Richard Stengler (1 episode, 2001) - To Serve, with Love (2001) TV Episode
Jurassic Park III (2001) Cooper
Pearl Harbor (2001) Senior Doctor
The Zeros (2001) Burl
Lost Souls (2000) Henry Birdson
Tully (2000) Mal 'Mac' MacAvoy
Fail Safe (2000) (TV) Col. Cascio
Get Real Harris Forman (1 episode, 2000) - Tough Love (2000) TV Episode
18 Wheels of Justice Matt Curran (1 episode, 2000) - Mr. Invisible (2000) TV Episode
Falling Like This (2000) Eddie Gallagher
JAG Raglan (1 episode, 1999) - Rogue (1999) TV Episode
Anywhere But Here (1999) Jimmy
The X Files Wilson 'Pinker' Rawls (1 episode, 1999)
Purgatory (1999) (TV) Badger
Swap Meet (1999)
The Hi-Lo Country (1998) Les Birk
The Rat Pack (1998) (TV) Joe DiMaggio
The Pretender Sheriff Delmont (1 episode, 1998) - Red Rock Jarod (1998) TV Episode
Snitch (1998) Digger
Davis Is Dead (1998) The Killer
Most Wanted (1997) Police Captain
Fire Down Below (1997) Frank Elkins
The Outer Limits Joe (1 episode, 1997)
Con Air (1997) (uncredited) Public Defender
The End of Violence (1997) Lowell Lewis
Casualties (1997) Polito
Nash Bridges Albert Foss (1 episode, 1997)
ER Johnson's Son (1 episode, 1996) - Don't Ask, Don't Tell (1996) TV Episode
Profiler Toby 'The Wick' Wood (1 episode, 1996) - Ring of Fire (1996) TV Episode
Foxfire (1996) Mr. Buttinger
Ruby Jean and Joe (1996) (TV) Harris Johnson
A Time to Kill (1996) Tim Nunley
Female Perversions (1996) Jake Rock
Managua (1996)
Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day (1996) Pinchot
The Grave (1996) J.C. Cole
The Destiny of Marty Fine (1996) Deke
Nixon (1995) Gordon Liddy
Three Wishes (1995) Leland's Dad
The John Larroquette Show Chris (4 episodes, 1994-1995)
Amanda & the Alien (1995) (TV) Colonel Rosencrans
Buffalo Girls (1995) (TV) General Custer
The Marshal Earl 'The Beast' Lipscomb (1 episode, 1995) - The Bounty Hunter (1995) TV Episode
The Outpost (1995/I) Alex
Stargate (1994) Lieutenant Kawalsky
The New Age (1994) Lyle
The Client (1994) Jack Nance
L.A. Law Kevin Delahanty / ... (2 episodes, 1990-1994)
Almost Dead (1994) Eddie Herbek
Gettysburg (1993) Pvt. Bucklin
Remote (1993) (V) Delbert
Falling Down (1993) Dad at Back Yard
Mikey (1992) Neil Trenton
Mo' Money (1992) Keith Heading
Mann & Machine Concierge (1 episode, 1992) - Prototype (1992) TV Episode
The Paint Job (1992) Father
Motorama (1991) Phil, Motorama Gas Station Attendant
Whore (1991) Derelict
Kickboxer 2: The Road Back (1991) Jack
A Climate for Killing (1991) Wayne Paris
Trumpet #7 (1991) Bud
Madhouse (1990) Fred
In the Heat of the Night John Sevrance (1 episode, 1990) - Triangle (1990) TV Episode
The Dark Side of the Moon (1990) Philip Jennings
Falcon Crest Gus Wallach (1 episode, 1989) - The Price of Freedom (1989) TV Episode
Beauty and the Beast Vernon (1 episode, 1989) - The Hollow Men (1989) TV Episode
Monsters (1 episode, 1988) - Pillow Talk (1988) TV Episode
Glitz (1988) (TV) Teddy Magyk
Cool Blue (1988) (V) Clayton
Walker (1987) Stebbins
Miami Vice Det. Larry Zito / ... (60 episodes, 1984-1987)
The Hanoi Hilton (1987) Murphy
City Limits (1985) Whitey
The Revelations of Becka Paulsen (1985) Joe Paulson
Hunter Bank Robber (1 episode, 1984) - Pilot (1984) TV Episode
Angel (1984) Billy Boy/Killer
D.C. Cab (1983) Head Kidnapper
Vacation (1983) Assistant Mechanic
Joysticks (1983) Arnie
Hysterical (1983) Taxi Driver
Cagney & Lacey (1 episode, 1983) - The Grandest Jewel Thief of Them All (1983) TV Episode
The Ambush Murders (1982) (TV) Ferguson
Hill Street Blues Tom (1 episode, 1981) - Chipped Beef (1981) TV Episode
Stripes (1981) Cruiser
Escape from New York (1981) Punk
Falling in Love Again (1980) Pompadour's friend
A Cry for Love (1980) (TV)


Made his professional boxing debut on December 21, 1985 at the Miami Beach Convention Center on 17th Street in South Beach. Diehl knocked-out Deboe Bickering in one round.

Took his undefeated boxing record of 3-0 to the Sports Arena in Los Angeles to fight win-less Gene Holly 0-6-0. Diehl lost the four round decision on April 11, 1986, and he retired from boxing after the fight.

Probably most familiar to TV audiences as Det. Larry Zito on the smash hit 1980s cop series "Miami Vice" (1984) and most recently as the spirit of pioneering GM auto designer Harley Earl in a series of commercials for Buick.


Spouse : Julie Christensen (27 May 1992 - present) 1 son

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