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Alf Dates : 1986 - 1990
102 episodes of 30 min
First broadcasting : 18 Mars 1988
Creator(s) : Tom Patchett et Paul Fusco
Producer(s) : Bernie Brillstein et Tom Patchett
Music : Alf Clausen
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French Traduire


Alf means "Alien Life Form". The Tanner family has just discovered one in their garage. Surviving the destruction of the planet Melmac, this little gourmet and mischievous extraterrestrial therefore settles in the Tanner, to avoid being noticed. Bulky guest and who forgets to be discreet, the typical little family will be jostled by the 1001 wacky ideas of Alf…

ALF (acronym for Alien Life Form) is an American television series which was broadcast from 1986 to 1990 on NBC. The series follows the adventures of an extraterrestrial by the name of Alf, originally from a planet called Melmac, who lands on earth and finds himself in the Tanner family.

Alf is a strange being, which looks like a giant plush and covered with hair, with pointed ears and a mouth filled with sharp teeth. He has a strong appetite for cats, which he considers a delicate put, but he tries to hold back so as not to eat them at the Tanner.

The series follows Alf's misadventures as he tries to adapt to his new life on Earth and to hide his identity as an extraterrestrial from his neighbors and friends. He does nonsense, but he is also very clever and often gets out of it thanks to his intelligence and his endearing personality.

The Tanner, the family in which ALF lives, are made up of the father, Willie, a mother, Kate, and two children, Lynn and Brian. They accept Alf in their family and try to help him adapt to his new life on Earth. They teach him the customs and standards of human life, and help him hide from others.

Together, they face the challenges of daily life and the complications caused by the presence of Alf. The series is full of humor and touching moments, and follows the evolution of the relationship between Alf and tanner while they learn to live together and to accept each other.

The Actors

Max Wright - Willie Tanner

Max Wright

(Willie Tanner)

Anne Schedeen - Kate Tanner

Anne Schedeen

(Kate Tanner)

Andrea Elson - Lynn Tanner

Andrea Elson

(Lynn Tanner)

Benji Gregory - Brian Tanner

Benji Gregory

(Brian Tanner)

John LaMotta - Trevor Ochmonek

John LaMotta

(Trevor Ochmonek)

Liz Sheridan - Raquel Ochmonek

Liz Sheridan

(Raquel Ochmonek)


Photos Alf n_0 Photos Alf n_1 Photos Alf n_2 Photos Alf n_3 Photos Alf n_4 Photos Alf n_5 Photos Alf n_6 Photos Alf n_7 Photos Alf n_8 Photos Alf n_9 Photos Alf n_10 Photos Alf n_11 Photos Alf n_12 Photos Alf n_13 Photos Alf n_14 Photos Alf n_15 Photos Alf n_16 Photos Alf n_17 Photos Alf n_18 Photos Alf n_19 Photos Alf n_20 Photos Alf n_21 Photos Alf n_22 Photos Alf n_23 Photos Alf n_24 Photos Alf n_25 Photos Alf n_26 Photos Alf n_27 Photos Alf n_28 Photos Alf n_29 Photos Alf n_30 Photos Alf n_31 Photos Alf n_32 Photos Alf n_33 Photos Alf n_34 Photos Alf n_35 Photos Alf n_36 Photos Alf n_37 Photos Alf n_38 Photos Alf n_39 Photos Alf n_40 Photos Alf n_41 Photos Alf n_42 Photos Alf n_43 Photos Alf n_44 Photos Alf n_45 Photos Alf n_46 Photos Alf n_47 Photos Alf n_48 Photos Alf n_49 Photos Alf n_50 Photos Alf n_51 Photos Alf n_52 Photos Alf n_53 Photos Alf n_54 Photos Alf n_55 Photos Alf n_56 Photos Alf n_57 Photos Alf n_58 Photos Alf n_59 Photos Alf n_60 Photos Alf n_61 Photos Alf n_62 Photos Alf n_63


The real name of Alf is Gordon Shumway, originally from the planet Melmac.

Small and hairy, Alf was an endearing character and not so easy to stage. There were two ways to film it.

Either we used a puppet. He was then manipulated by two awarded puppeteers: Lisa Buckley and Paul Fappiano, two manipulators of Sesame Street. But often he was filmed with a person inside a costume. It was the Hungarian stuntman Mihaly 'Michu' Meszaros who was hiding behind the hair of the extraterrestrial.

This dwarf that executed the waterfalls in Allo mom here baby! And who played in some horror films, would have been thanked after a year, and we do not know who replaced her

As for the voice of the extraterrestrial, in France, it was Roger Carel, and in the USA, it was that of Paul Fusco, the creator and producer of the series

All of the special effects was led by Ken Tarallo, future coordinator among others, Mutronics effects, the army of the 12 monkeys and the hand that kills

The name of each episode corresponds to the name of a song.

A TV movie tried to do the "come back"

Alf, but this film did not charm the public as before. Alf reappeared nevertheless at the television during a episode of "the cruise has fun: the new wave".


Filming locations:

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