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Baretta Dates : 1975 - 1978
82 episodes of 50 min
First broadcasting : 15 Janvier 1976
Creator(s) : Stephen J Cannell
Producer(s) : Roy Huggins,Bernard L Kowalski, Anthony Spinner, Leigh Vance
Music : Dave Grusin et Tom Scott
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French Traduire


Tony Baretta is a somewhat special policeman. He must infiltrate the gangs so that he can then dismantle them. For this, he went to put in the art of disguise. When he is not on the ground, Tony Baretta lives in a bedroom of the King Edward hotel with his Fred parrot.

Baretta is an American television series which was broadcast between 1975 and 1978 on ABC. The show was focused on a New York police detective named Tony Baretta, performed by Robert Blake. Baretta was a solitary and rebellious detective who resolved crimes in the streets of New York using unconventional methods.

The series was created by Stephen J. Cannell and Philip Deguere Jr., and produced by Universal Television. She was inspired by a detective novel character created by Novelistas Mike Royko. The character of Baretta was known for his love of birds and doves in particular, which he raised in a little Aviary on the roof of his building.

The series was very successful in the United States and has been broadcast in many countries around the world. She was nominated for several prizes, including a Primetime Emmy Award for the best dramatic series in 1977. In France, the series was known under the title of "Baretta, cop in New York".

Despite its success, the series was canceled after four seasons due to the evolution of the tastes of the public and the competition of other police series. However, it left a lasting heritage and is still considered today as one of the best police series of the time.

The Actors

Michael D. Roberts - Rooster

Michael D. Roberts


Dana Elcar - Inspecteur Shiller

Dana Elcar

(Inspecteur Shiller)

Robert Blake - Détective Tony Baretta

Robert Blake

(Détective Tony Baretta)

Tom Ewell - Billy Truman

Tom Ewell

(Billy Truman)


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This series is indirectly the result of Toma, unprecedented police series in France. When his main actor, Tony Musant, left it, the role was proposed to Robert Blake, who accepted him. We then changed the title of the series: Baretta was born.

The credits of the series, entitled Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow, is interpreted by Sammy Davis Jr.


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