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danger man

danger man Dates : 1960 - 1968
86 episodes of 60 min
First broadcasting : 7 janvier 1961
Creator(s) : Ralph Smart
Producer(s) : Ralph Smart
Music : Edwin Astley
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This series tells the adventures of John Drake, a secret agent working for NATO, around the world. Lonely and not violent, he is never armed, preferring to use his intelligence. Nevertheless, like James Bond, it is equipped with gadgets developed by the service for which he works.

Destination Danger (also known as Danger Man) was a British and American television series created by Ralph Smart. The series was broadcast for the first time in 1964 and lasted until 1968. It staged a secret agent by the name of John Drake, interpreted by actor Patrick McGoohan. Drake was an intelligence agent for the British secret agency M9, and was responsible for carrying out dangerous missions in exotic places around the world.

The series was known for its style that is both serious and light, with thrilling stories and impressive action scenes. It was also distinguished by its use of a wide range of exotic sets, ranging from tropical beaches to snowy mountains, including arid deserts.

Danger Man was one of the first series to stage a secret James Bond agent, and was a precursor of many other such programs. She was also very popular with viewers, with high audiences on British and American television.

Despite its popularity, the series was canceled after four seasons, due to disputes between McGoohan and the producers. McGoohan then created and produced the Prisoner series, which took up some of the themes and ideas of Destination Danger. The series has been rebroadcast many times over the years, and remains one of the most popular and influential television series in history.

The Actors

Patrick McGoohan - John Drake

Patrick McGoohan

(John Drake)


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Patrick McGoohan said he would have liked to be John Drake the number 6 of the prisoner (The Prisoner) but, for a question of rights, the number 6 remains without name and is not John Drake.

Although nobody has officially confirmed it, it is likely that the prisoner is the continuation of Destination Danger and that the characters of number 6 and John Drake only do. Patrick McGoohan did nothing to change his look between the two series.

In addition, two elements are at least common to these two series. The use of the double theme (Schizoid Man episode in the prisoner), and the Portmeirion Hotel Village used as a prisoner setting, in an episode of Destination Danger.


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