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Diagnosis Murder

Diagnosis Murder Dates : 1993 - 2001
178 episodes of 42 min
First broadcasting : 12 Mai 2000
Creator(s) : Joyce Burditt
Producer(s) : Joyce Burditt, Dean Hargrove,Fred Silverman et Dick Van Dyke
Music : Lou Forestieri et Richard DeBenedictis
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Dr. Mark Sloan is a doctor at Community General Hospital, and he is a consultant for the police department. His son Steve Sloan is a detective for the department. He and his father, along with emergency room resident Dr. Jesse Travis and Dr. Amanda Bentley, who is the pathologist at the hospital help to solve some very strange murder cases in Diagnosis Murder.

The Actors

Barry Van Dyke - Steve Sloan

Barry Van Dyke

(Steve Sloan)

Dick Van Dyke - Dr Mark Sloan

Dick Van Dyke

(Dr Mark Sloan)


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When Victoria Rowell became pregnant during hiatus, her pregnancy was explained by having her get married to a serviceman who was never seen on the show.

The character of Doctor Mark Sloan was first seen in an episode of "Jake and the Fatman" (1987).

When Scott Baio left the show, his absence was explained by having his character, Jack Stewart, quit his job at Community General to start his own practice in Colorado.

In the 1999 episode "Gangland", it is revealed that Amanda was a foster child. Victoria Rowell, who played the character, was a foster child in real life.


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