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Mentalist Dates : 2008 - 0
70 episodes of 43 min
First broadcasting : 20 avril 2009
Creator(s) : Bruno Heller
Producer(s) : Bruno Heller
Music :
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A former medium that has become a mentalist uses his extraordinary observation donations to resolve crimes as a consultant working alongside the CBI police. One way to help him justice and unmask the mysterious serial killer (John Le Rouge) who murdered his wife and daughter ...

Mentalist is an American television series created by Bruno Heller and broadcast between 2008 and 2015 on the CBS network. The series follows the adventures of Patrick Jane, a former false medium who works as a consultant for the elite unit of investigators from the California Investigation Bureau (CBI).

Jane has a gift for the observation and analysis of human psychology, which he uses to resolve difficult criminal surveys. Although he does not have real psychic powers, he pretends to be a medium thanks to his ability to read the facial expressions and behaviors of people to deduce their thoughts and their emotions.

Throughout the series, Jane works in close collaboration with the CBI unit, notably Agent Teresa Lisbon and Wayne Rigsby and Kimball Cho agents. Together, they investigate a variety of complex murders and crimes using Jane's unique skills to resolve the most difficult cases.

The series was acclaimed by criticism for his performance by the main actor Simon Baker and for his intelligent and captivating intrigue. She won several awards, including a Primetime Emmy Award for the best artistic direction for a dramatic series in 2009.

The Actors

Simon Baker - Patrick Jane

Simon Baker

(Patrick Jane)


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