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Oz Dates : 1997 - 2003
56 episodes of 55 min
First broadcasting : 09 Décembre 1998
Creator(s) : Tom Fontana
Producer(s) : Barry Levinson, Tom Fontana
Music :
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French Traduire


The Actors

Michael Wright - Omar White

Michael Wright

(Omar White)

Patti Lupone - Stella Coffa

Patti Lupone

(Stella Coffa)

Betty Buckley - Suzanne Fitzgerald

Betty Buckley

(Suzanne Fitzgerald)

Luke Perry - Révérend Jeremiah Cloutier

Luke Perry

(Révérend Jeremiah Cloutier)

Chris Meloni - Chris Keller

Chris Meloni

(Chris Keller)

B.D. Wong - Père Ray Mukada

B.D. Wong

(Père Ray Mukada)

Kathryn Erbe - Shirley Bellinger

Kathryn Erbe

(Shirley Bellinger)

Terry Kinney - Tim Mac Manus

Terry Kinney

(Tim Mac Manus)

Eamonn Walker - Kareem Said

Eamonn Walker

(Kareem Said)

Lee Tergesen - Tobias Beecher

Lee Tergesen

(Tobias Beecher)

J. K. Simmons - Vernon Schillinger

J. K. Simmons

(Vernon Schillinger)

Harold Perrineau Jr. - Augustus Hill

Harold Perrineau Jr.

(Augustus Hill)

Kirk Acevedo - Miguel Alvarez

Kirk Acevedo

(Miguel Alvarez)

Dean Winters - Ryan O’Reilly

Dean Winters

(Ryan O’Reilly)

Scott William Winters - Cyril O’Reilly

Scott William Winters

(Cyril O’Reilly)

Ernie Hudson - Leo Glynn

Ernie Hudson

(Leo Glynn)

Rita Moreno - Soeur Peter Marie

Rita Moreno

(Soeur Peter Marie)

George Morfogen - Bob Rebadow

George Morfogen

(Bob Rebadow)

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje - Simon Adebisi

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

(Simon Adebisi)

Chuck Zito - Chucky Pancamo

Chuck Zito

(Chucky Pancamo)

Zeljko Ivanek - Gouverneur James Devlin

Zeljko Ivanek

(Gouverneur James Devlin)

Lauren Vélez - Dr Gloria Nathan

Lauren Vélez

(Dr Gloria Nathan)

Eddie Malavarca - Peter Schibetta

Eddie Malavarca

(Peter Schibetta)


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