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Picket Fences

Picket Fences Dates : 1992 - 1996
88 episodes of 45 min
First broadcasting : 01 Juillet 1995
Creator(s) : David E Kelley
Producer(s) : David E Kelley
Music : Stewart Lewin et Johnny Mathis
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French Traduire


This series shows the life of the Sheriff Jimmy Brock and his wife Jill in a strange town in Wisconsin, Rome. Indeed the Sheriff, helped by his assistants Max and Kenny, the medical examiner Carter Pike and the lawyer Douglas Wembaugh, will find himself confronted, week after week, with various facts all more extravagant than each other.

High Secret City: The city of the big secret (in English, Picket Fees) is an American television series broadcast between 1992 and 1996. The series was focused on the fictitious city of Rome, Wisconsin, and its strange and often eccentric inhabitants. The main character was the sheriff James Brock, interpreted by Tom Skerritt, who tried to maintain order in the city while managing the personal problems of his family.

The series featured a wide range of interesting secondary characters, notably Kenny Lacos, a young autistic boy interpreted by Justin Shenkarow, who was often involved in strange and comic situations, as well as the city's prosecutor, Douglas Wambaugh, played by Fyvush Finkel, who was known for his eccentric manners and his love for justice.

Picket Fells was a dramatic series, but it was also dotted with comic moments, thanks in particular to the wacky characters who populated the city of Rome. The series was greeted by criticism for its exceptional performance of the actors, its innovative realization and its unique way of dealing with difficult subjects such as mental illness and discrimination. She has won numerous prizes, including four Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards.

The Actors

Holly Marie Combs - Kimberly Brock

Holly Marie Combs

(Kimberly Brock)

Tom Skerritt - Sheriff Jimmy Brock

Tom Skerritt

(Sheriff Jimmy Brock)

Kathy Baker - Docteur Jill Brock

Kathy Baker

(Docteur Jill Brock)

Costas Mandylor - Kenny Lacos

Costas Mandylor

(Kenny Lacos)

Lauren Holly - Maxine Stewart Lacos

Lauren Holly

(Maxine Stewart Lacos)

Don Cheadle - D.A. John Littleton

Don Cheadle

(D.A. John Littleton)


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In France the series is also known by another name: a funny sheriff.

The city of the great secret is setting for the pretty, but not so quiet, the city of Rome, in the state of Wisconsin. This charming town does exist and even has its website: What to immerse yourself in deep America that the series of David E. Kelley portrays so well.

Picket Fells marks an important step in David E. Kelley's creator-producer career: it is simply his first solo series. For Dr Doogie, his previous creation, he had indeed received the help of his mentor Steven Bochco. Kelley is the only father of High Secret City, an attentive dad, a papa hen, an exclusive dad (he signed almost the scenarios!).

Picket Fells has received many awards. The series created by David E. Kelley even won the prestigious Emmy Award for the best dramatic series 2 consecutively: in 1993 then in 1994. High Secret City also had 12 other Emmys, 1 Golden Globe, 1 Directors Guild of America Award, 1 Screen Actors Guild Award ...

Rome, the small town of Sheriff Brock, has seen an impressive number of stars scroll! Have deposited their footprints: Brenda Strong (Desperate Housewives), Louis Gossett Jr., David Graf (The Tackleberry Police Academy), James Earl Jones, Jack Black, Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm), James Coburn, James Cromwell, Shane West (emergencies ) or the young Jason Dohring (Veronica Mars).


Filming locations:

20th Century Fox Studios - 10201 Pico Blvd., Century City, Los Angeles, California, USA

Monrovia, California, USA

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