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Magnum, P.I. - Trivia

. Magnum has been seen wearing a ball cap that says VMO-2 Da-Nang. Navy SEALS never served with the squadron. It means V=Heavier Than Air, M=Marine Corps, O=Observation, 2=Squadron 2. Heavier than air is a designation given to fixed wing aircraft. Observation aircraft such as the OV-10 Bronco were used by the Maine Corps and Navy in Vietnam. However the navy unit did serve as support for the SEALS.

. Episode #149 (7.22) Limbo, where Magnum was to be shot dead by mobsters was to be the CBS series finale on 15 April 1987. When the show's fans heard this, there was a huge public outcry and the "shot dead" plotline was nixed by the producers. Magnum was indeed shot by mobsters in this episode. Magnum returned for an unprecedented 8th season on CBS, filming 12 more episodes.

. Magnum was killed off at the end of the 1986-87 season because producers thought the show had been cancelled. In the first episode of Season #8, Magnum was brought back to life.

. In the episode "Paper War" while Magnum and Higgins are trapped in the elevator, Magnum accuses Higgins of being Robin Masters and the unseen writer is an actor which Magnum suggests is Orson Welles. An inside joke since Orson Welles does indeed provide the voice of Robin Masters

. Tom Selleck's prior commitment to the series forced him to turn down the role of Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). However, production on the series was slated to start in May of 1980, but was delayed by an actors' strike. When the series finally went into production a few months later, "Raiders" had just completed filming. Although this time period would have allowed Selleck to do the movie, Harrison Ford had already been cast in the film by the time the actors' strike began. (The 1988 episode "Legend of the Lost Art" served as a "Raiders" parody, with Magnum dressed up as Indiana Jones.)

. Although the on-screen title was always 'Magnum p.i.', the series is quite often billed as simply 'Magnum'.

. On his navy uniform, one can see the blue and white ribbon for the navy cross, as well as the naval special warfare insignia. This means he earned the nation's second highest award for naval personnel and was a SEAL.

. Although there were references to Steve McGarett and Hawaii Five-O during the run of this series, McGarrett was never shown. "Hawaii Five-O" (1968) ceased production the same year this show began production (1980).

. The design shown during the closing credits comes from Magnum's ring.

. The name of Rick's club was the King Kamehameha Club. T C always referred to Higgins as "Higgy Baby".

. This drama series was one of the highest rated shows on Thursday nights until the debut of "The Cosby Show" (1984) sitcom. The sitcom eventually became the #1 show on the air and routinely out-rated Magnum.

. In "Operation: Silent Night" Episode: #4.10 - 15 December 1983, the destroyer shown is the USS Wren (DD 568) which was scrapped in 1975.

. In episode "Lest We Forget" Episode: #1.9 - 12 February 1981, actors Anne Lockhart and Miguel Ferrer portrayed the younger characters of their parents, June Lockhart and José Ferrer.

. Tom Selleck is a big Detroit Tigers baseball fan. Several episodes feature references to the Tigers. When they won the World Series during the run of the show, they were tentative plans to film an episode in the Detroit area but those plans were scrapped.

. When Frank Sinatra agreed to do a guest part on the show, producers sent Sinatra a list of story ideas they were considering and Sinatra chose the idea he wanted to do. The story he chose was called "Laura" and it ran during the seventh season.

. Producers eventually wanted Orson Welles to be revealed as Robin Masters, but he died before the series ended its run.

. Magnum's full name is Thomas Sullivan Magnum, III. Sullivan is his mother's maiden name.

. One episode revealed that 546-10-8740 is Magnum's private investigator license number in Hawaii.

. Higgins used two Dobermans to guard the estate. The dogs were named Zeus and Apollo and also referred to as the "lads".

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