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The Equalizer

The Equalizer Dates : 1985 - 1989
86 episodes of 46 min
First broadcasting : 23 Janvier 1991
Creator(s) : Michael Sloan et Richard Lindheim
Producer(s) : James Duff McAdams et Michael Sloan
Music : Stewart Copeland
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French Traduire


When the weakest no longer have any hope against a powerful adversity, their last chance is called: The Equalizer, a vigilante like no other.

In New York, Robert McCall, an ex-agent of American secret services, helps the weakest to "equalize" their chances against often stronger attackers.

For this, he spends an advertisement daily in the New York Times, intended for people in distress, accompanied by a phone number. Every day, he listens to the answering machine of this encrypted line and selects serious calls.

Attentive to their sometimes incredible stories, he uses his skills, money and material, which he has accumulated during his career, to carry out his investigations. He can also count on the help of Mickey Kostmayer and Jimmy, his former colleagues from the secret services, who still give him some pipes.

But when he asks too much, his old and enigmatic superior control, forces him to re -stack for one or two missions in order to mop up his debt.

Calm, imperturbable, McCall rarely gets angry, and his charisma inspires fear or respect.

The American TV series Equalizer (The Equalizer in the original version) was broadcast for the first time in 1985 on CBS. It stages former CIA agent Robert McCall, interpreted by actor Edward Woodward, who uses his skills in combat and espionage to help those who need justice.

The character of McCall is a lonely, without ties or family, who lives alone in an apartment in New York. He spends his time reading books, listening to classical music and drinking tea. But when he hears about a person in distress, he can't help but intervene to help him.

McCall has relations with recurring characters from the series, such as the controlled police detective Ralph Baldwin, performed by Robert Lansing, and Mickey Kostmayer, a CIA friend played by Keith Szarabajka. McCall often uses his skills to help Baldwin and Kostmayer to solve difficult surveys, while hiding their true identity to them.

The series was a critical and commercial success, notably thanks to the performance of Woodward as a solitary and vigilante hero. It was broadcast for four seasons until 1989, and inspired several remakes, including an American television series broadcast in 2014, with actor Denzel Washington in the role of McCall.

The Actors

Robert Lansing - Control

Robert Lansing


Melissa Sue Anderson - Yvette Marcel

Melissa Sue Anderson

(Yvette Marcel)

Edward Woodward - Robert McCall

Edward Woodward

(Robert McCall)

William Zabka - Scott Mccall

William Zabka

(Scott Mccall)

Keith Szarabajka - Mickey Kostmayer

Keith Szarabajka

(Mickey Kostmayer)


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American series launched by the team that has already officiated on "Quincy" and "McCloud", the success of "Equalizer" owes a lot to the outstanding charism of the brilliant Edward Woodward, whose choice for the title Routed to the Direction of the chain, that is to say CBS which was to broadcast the series. But it quickly turned out that he was the right one, that the actor became irreplaceable, and he crossed during the four years of existence of the series a large number of guest stars ...


Filming locations:

  • New York City, New York, USA

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